Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kept my home with a power generator

I am a single mother of 3 and recently came into some financial trouble like so many others in our times. I was laid off after some budget cuts and found myself in bad spot to say the least. The day after, during my “what do I do now” moment I decided to go to my friend Jan’s house.

This is where I made the discovery that would give me enough stability to keep my home, feed my children, and get by until I found a new job a full 2 months later. I had always noticed that they owned a shed but never bothered to ask what was inside (naturally thinking it was nothing more than gardening tools).  I’ve never seen them open it and decided to ask what was inside. They then told me about this amazing power generator. 

They had found it online while researching ways to go green. It was apparently powering their entire house. Which amazed me, so much they started to laugh once I was noticeably not talking for a while. I asked, if it could power their entire house how come I couldn’t hear it (surely it must be huge). They told me since it was magnetic power you couldn’t hear it. This is where my epiphany happened.

If that generator was powering their home how much where they paying for their electrical bill? The answer - nothing.  They were saving hundreds by not relying on the power company. I immediately asked how much it cost and if it was hard getting in the shed. At which point they looked at me and asked if I wanted to see it. Needless to say I was bubbling with curiosity by this point ands said yes. It was much smaller than I thought it would be (I mean it powers their 2 story house). They told me it cost less than $50! Well, the plans did. When they found it they bought the plans printed them out and then went to home depot for all the supplies required to build it (another $50)! They even told me how easy it was to build tom made it in couple afternoons. After poking some fun at him for not looking at all like a handy man and some more talk they told me where to go.

I went home and after putting my babies to sleep I went online to find the power generator that would save the lives of my children with the simple idea of lowering my electric bill.


  1. What about solar power? Is that realistic or just as easy to maintain/buy?

  2. Ive done a bit of research into that kinda stuff. Its really grate once you get it working.